Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmokeStack™?

SmokeStack is a patented product that consists of finely ground wood chips (Hickory, Mesquite, Applewood and Classic Oak) that are mixed with herbs and spices to add naturally smoked flavor to Meats, Poultry, Pork, Fish and Vegetables on any kind of outdoor grill (Gas, Charcoal or Electric) or Indoors inside the Oven or on a Stovetop.

What does SmokeStack™ come with, and how does it work?

Every SmokeStack product comes with a patented Oxygen Starved container that contains a small hole in the middle of its lid that allows a small steady stream of flavored smoke to escape.  Just place the flavored wood chips inside the container, secure the lid and then place the container on 300 degree or more heat source.

What's the SmokeStack™ secret?

SmokeStack’s secret is patented Oxygen Starved Container that prevents the wood chips from catching on fire and burning up before the food has been flavored.  The seasoned wood chips burn completely through in to ash. A long steady stream of lightly flavored smoked slowly flavors your food. There’s no chance of over-smoking the food. One container of SmokeStack smoke flavors enough food for 4-6 people per grill.

What happens when I use SmokeStack™?

The SmokeStack seasoned wood chips start to smoke when the temperature reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Once reached, a continuous stream of smoke is released through “Smokestack” Container opening and creates a convention of flavored smoke around and through the food. The result is a perfectly flavored food that is evenly smoked through and through.

How do I use SmokeStack™ indoors?

Conventional ovens: 

To use Smokestack in any conventional oven, just add 2 Tablespoons of Smokestack wood chips in to the container and cover. Pre-Heat oven to 300 degrees or more. Place the SmokeStack container on bottom of the oven. Make sure to turn on your Oven’s exhaust fan. SmokeStack adds delicious smoke flavor to any food.


Spoon 2 tablespoons of SmokeStack wood chips in to the container. Then begin to cook your food in a large pot or pan.  As the food begins to cook, grab the container with Tongs and hold it over or put it on an open burner. When the container begins to smoke, insert the container at the bottom of the pot or pan where your food is cooking and cover. Repeat procedure if more smoke is needed. Turn on your exhaust fan. The food will be lightly flashed smoked.

How can I make Jerky with SmokeStack™?

SmokeStack can be used for ‘cold smoking’ jerky or meats. Use a heat source (i.e. electric burner or Sterno). Place a filled SmokeStack container on top of the heat source (slightly suspended above it) under your grill’s ash removal vent at bottom of your grill (if it has one). If your grill doesn’t have an ash removal vent, then place the heat source and container at the bottom of the grill. Place the meat to be smoked on the unheated metal grating and tightly cover the grill. After the SmokeStack Container  stops smoking (20-40 minutes) let sit for another 20 minutes. Your jerky will be cold smoked. Repeat procedure if you want a heavier smoke Flavor.

Does SmokeStack™ require any preparation?

No, SmokeStack requires no preparation. The product is simple and ready to use. No pre-soaking and does not require a grill. Gives food a gourmet flair giving food a completely unique taste unlike regular wood chips that only give you wood flavor.

Who uses SmokeStack™?

Families and single people of all ages who are seeking a fast, efficient and environmentally conscious solution to wood-fired flavored food that works on any grill, stove or conventional smoker.