Company History

The development of this product evolved from years of experience in smoking and grilling. This knowledge combined with our desire to develop a simple way to enhance conventional grilling methods has led to The SmokeStack Product Company’s new culinary seasoning smoke.

Commercial grade smoking wood used in large scale natural smoking batches of Ham and Bacon is much finer and filters through a smoke generator producing hours of premium smoking. The fine consistency of this wood never requires soaking like most home smoking products.

By utilizing these woods blended with oak and herbs, The SmokeStack Product Company’s PATENTED and EFFICIENT flavorful and appetizing smoking process produces an ample amount of time released smoke resulting in a great wood fired flavor on all your grilled meats and vegetables.

Not to be confused with heavy slow smoke foods like Smoked Salmon or Smoked Turkey, this is a seasoning smoke for your daily grilling which simply adds that extra flavor to your steaks, chops, tri-tips, ribs, chicken, fish, vegetables and more. Each flavor works uniquely with different meats whether it is beef, pork, lamb, chicken or fish.