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Traveling with a smoker is pretty much unimaginable. But you get the same flavor with SmokeStack Gourmet Seasoned Wood Chips. In fact, the wood chip shakers come in a variety of herb and spice mixes. Simply choose one and fill the patented smoke canister. The oxygen-starved smoke canister allows a steady stream of smoke to flavor your food. Additionally, you can use these SmokeStack mixes on a gas, electric, or charcoal grill. Moreover, you can even use them inside in your kitchen oven or on your stovetop. Choose from Hickory, Applewood, Mesquite, and Classic Oak grill smoker chips. Select the wood-spice mixture that’s right for the food you’re grilling. You’ll enjoy great smoked flavor in minutes with no prep. Finally, great for tailgating or any other type of backyard barbeque party these handy mixes provide that wood-fired flavor to any meal.